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by reviver on June 5, 2012

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Last week was pretty exciting for Facebook with the transition to a publicly traded company, but that’s not the only news for Facebook. Here are a few highlights from the ones that grabbed my attention:



  • Facebook Pages Manager App: this is an application you can get for your smartphone that allows you to manage all the pages you are an admin of through Facebook.
    • Pros: you can track your stats from your phone and post as your page.
    • Cons: it deletes the ability to also manage your pages from the standard Facebook app which means having to use 2 apps when it was just one.
    • Excitement rating: 3 out of 5


  • Facebook Camera: this is a new camera app that allows you to instantly take a photo and post to Facebook from your smartphone.
    • Pros: adding a photo album to Facebook from your phone just got a lot easier! It pulls all the photos from your camera library and allows you to take new ones. When you take a picture using the app you can edit them before uploading and add filters giving it an ‘instagram-esque’ feel.
    • Cons: it crashes a lot and retrieves only the main photo album from your phone. This makes it a little harder to add a photo album to Facebook since the thumbnails are so small it’s difficult to tell which ones to upload. If you’re like me I take  a lot of images and then edit them out. This inability to pre-edit makes the app a lot less convenient.
    • Excitement rating: 4 out of 5


  • Facebook Admin Updates: finally there are distinctions and additions for page admins; now there are 5 roles available from one.
    • Pros: I have not explored this much but I am very excited about the addition of scheduling posts through Facebook. I have been very disappointed with the recent updates to Hootsuite so having another option, and one that is directly through Facebook is ideal. With the different admin roles it also allows a business to grow their management team with out each one having the same access.
    • Cons: Not sure yet. Facebook is known to have a lot of glitches so it may be a possibility of not working as well as a 3rd party program. I’ll be trying it out over the next while and will update with any additional cons.
    •  5 out of 5

Are there any new features you’ve come across with Facebook you’d like to share? Or how have you used these new tools and updates? We’d love to hear!

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