Human Design and Business

by reviver on November 17, 2012

Have you heard of Human Design? It’s a fascinating tool that looks at our individual energetic blueprint. Other people like Karen Curry, Peter Roe, and Chetan Parkyn describe it much better than I but I have grown to love and appreciate the insight this tool provides both for personal life and for work.

Why Human Design for business? Since this tool gives us insight into our individual energy it helps us to understand what and who will support our energy for success. It also helps us to understand our life’s path and to pursue the work that we are here to do. This may sound far fetched for some of you but it doesn’t mean that your life is written in stone, it simply gives direction and support for what we already know about ourselves.

Human Design in Action

rachel maskell human design chart
To show you what I mean here’s my chart and process and how it fits with building my business.

First, I am a Manifestor. A manifestor has very different energy than 70% of the population. We are here to initiate to get the energy moving with a project orĀ endeavor but we don’t necessarily have the energy to maintain and ‘do’ the work. Since I don’t have a defined sacral center, I don’t function best in a 9-5 job. It’s healthier for me to create my own schedule that is flexible with my energy.

Each type also comes with a strategy. My strategy is to inform before acting. That means if I go and initiate new projects without communicating with others first, it may not have the desired effect or even take root. It’s a reminder that none of us can act independently of each other. In business it’s important for me to speak with my advisors and my partners before developing any new products and services.

Read on for further descriptions of Human Design Types.

Our Profile tells us more about our character. As shown in my chart I am a 5/2. This profile is one that has outward projection, a magnetic draw and also needs alone time to assimilate. For people who have seen me in social settings may know that I can be very engaging and draw people into conversation, but those who have known me for awhile also know that I can be a bit of a hermit and that my husband is truly the more outwardly social and connected one than myself. This is simply part of my design and understanding this has helped me to feel less awkward and okay with not always having to be ‘on’ when we’re out together.

In business understanding my profile has also helped me to connect with how I work well with others. I know that I have the energy to put myself out there but it needs to be regulated. I need to make sure that I take time off during the week from working with clients to working on my business and having time to integrate the things I have learned and have come across. Now this is probably true to some degree for everyone, taking time to work on their business, but as part of my profile it makes a significant difference in my ability to help others and really do my work.

For others with a different profile, they may have other needs and ways of processing information. It’s important to know these elements so that we can be aware of how we’re managing our time and the direction of our business. Learn more about your Human Design profile.

Lastly, the cross of incarnation is what gives us insight into our life’s purpose. Peter Roe explained to me my cross, the cross of informing, as a “Cross of rulership [which] carries the energy to be open and caring. You are here to be social and informative. You carry the energy that has concern for the greater whole. Your energy is likely to bring information forth through art, song or other expressionistic medium.”

This doesn’t say exactly what I am meant to be doing but it does help me to understand more of my drive and direction in life. It helps me to build a business that is supportive of this energy and to not be spending my time and energy developing a business that is me centered or isolating as examples.

Human Design isn’t a fortune teller but it is a very powerful guide to help us build confidence and structure for who we are and why we’re here. Want to find out your Human Design? Get a free chart or schedule a reading with any of those mentioned above to take the next step to understanding your energetic blueprint.

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