Beauty and the Bump: 3 Lessons for Life & Business

by reviver on November 20, 2012

As of this writing I am about 18 weeks along in my pregnancy and my belly is growing. It’s exciting and I am happy to have the signs of a little one hibernating within me, yet with it comes other physical changes that take a bit getting used to. I don’t mean to sound vain but when your clothes no longer fit and you don’t look the same or feel the same in your body it takes some processing and reorganization of priorities to continue to feel self-confident.

What does this have to do with marketing and running a business? Paradigm shifting. Here are the lessons I am learning as my belly grows and how they apply to business:

willing to see things differently

Like Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Bump is about seeing what beauty really is and what is truly important. In the fairy tale we see Bell fall in love with what other people would consider to be a beast because she sees the good and the true beauty within him. In this analogy, growing in size has me rethinking beauty. It can’t be about being skinny or fitting in to a particular style that I once thought, and society says, is beautiful. Now it’s about being healthy, happy and radiant.

In business we get caught in this trap about what our business should look like based on what other companies are doing around us. This doesn’t mean it is the healthiest model for us to follow. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and see our role in the bigger picture a little differently so that we can function and thrive in the way we are meant to. For each of us this may look a little differently based on how we see ourselves now and what we are looking to grow.

changing rhythm and routine

How often do we change our daily routine and our habits when our life circumstances change? For some of my girlfriends they have continued to work until the very last day of their pregnancy. This seemed to work for them from the outset, however, I question how it has impacted their stress level and the preparation of giving birth. I know many other people who also have life altering circumstances come up and they try to keep their rhythm exactly as it was before any thing changed. Why do we do this? Perhaps it feels comforting to keep some consistency however, it’s important in business and in life to reassess our priorities and our routine based on the factors that are presented to us now.

Successful businesses are aware of how their environment is changing and are willing to shift gears to evolve with it. This takes the ability to embrace change and find opportunities within a new set of circumstances.

encompassing more than oneself

Thank goodness there are nine months of preparation time before giving birth. During this time, as a pregnant woman, I am shifting what I eat, what I drink and how I spend my time. It’s no longer just about what serves me but what serves me and my bump. Some of these changes I have easily embraced, others are challenging but knowing that it’s not just about me has helped to shift priorities.

This is a principle I have often seen in business as well. When we start out it may be about what we want to do and what is good for us, however, as we turn pro and evolve within our business, it becomes something greater than ourselves and begins to encompass a community of people. This community may be just your employees or your staff but as you reach out it likely will include your tribe and synergistic partners. When you start to see yourself as having influence and connections outside of yourself responsibilities evolve along with it making you a more valuable asset to society. 

How do you see these three principles being applied in your life and business? Please share as guided in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


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